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Hello my beautiful Brothers and Sisters!
I am Sister Sierra Brooksby! I suppose it's that time... Time to write and introduction and tell you all about myself. To be honest, theres a lot to say about me! I suppose the thing you'd want to know though, is where I am serving and when! I will be reporting to the Provo MTC On December 30th, 2015. I will be serving in the Seoul Korea South mission. It's a very exciting call for me and I'm totally pumped to share the gospel with my Korean friends!
For more information about all my adventures, keep up on my lovely blog which will, with great hope, be weekly maintained by my gorgeous mother. So you all soon! ;) Stay strong!

Here is the address you can write a letter to me:
Sister Sierra Brooksby Mar01-Kor-seos
2005 North 900 East Unit 8 Provo Utah 84602

Mission Address: (After March)
Sister Sierra Brooksby
Korea Seoul South Mission
29 wiryeseong-daero 22-gil songpa-gu Seoul
teukbyeolsi 05655 South Korea

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ups and Downs: The Roller Coaster of Mission Life 10/3/16

Whoa hey everyone! It's Monday already?!?!?! Well, that just means another awesome week has passed, and an even more awesome week will begin!!! I hope you are all just as excited as I am!!!!!
So lets get to it! Shall we? 
We've spent a lot of time meeting members this week! We cover one of the biggest wards in our mission (about 150 active members, and I cannot even begin to count LA members) so that means we have lots to do! We are in the process of getting to know each of the members one by one, going to their houses and teaching lessons, eating with them, and today: having a fun game day with them! Truly, I've seen that the work of the lord goes forward when the members and missionaries understand their roles in missionary work. The weeks seem to go by much too fast for us to get to know all of them, but we are getting there, slowly but surely. For all you members: don't hesitate to invite the missionaries over! 8/10 times their goal is not to eat, its to find out who you are. If they are there to eat, them finding out who you aren't won't make much a difference in the work anyway hehe.
We met some new investigators this week! Our first one is a former investigator who stopped having lessons because the previous missionaries had a hard time answering her questions and communicating fully with her. She got married recently, and really loves her family. The second person is really fun and really awesome! She has had a rough life recently, but she loves God. We've only met her once, but we know and can feel God's love for her, and her love for God. I love meeting new people. I love hearing their stories, and trying to connect the gospel to their needs. Its a grand, exciting work.
We went to meet a member this week- she teaches at a small academy by her house. We met with her there and waited for a little bit. While waiting 3 of the kids there came in the room. They were slightly shocked, and also slightly excited there was an American there. They decided to practice their English, I would ask some questions, and they would answer, or they would ask questions and I would answer. They were all so adorable! One girl in particular was working very hard to have a good conversation with me- it was soooo cute.
We had a great District meeting on Thursday! Its usually on Wednesday, but because of transfers we bumped it. So we got to meet (and some, re-meet) all the new people in our district! Twas a fun time. We also learned a lot about how to be better missionaries. We truly do need these weekly reminders to help us become better missionaries and to help refocus on our purpose. Its also great to meet and discuss missionary work with people who are having the same struggles we are! Sometimes its good to just gather and regroup. Friends and family, if you're having a hard time, I promise you're not alone! As a missionary its easy to thing "I must be the only one who can't do this" or "Why can't I be as good as everyone else at this?" But in reality, they are all thinking the same thing~
We went to a meeting for the little kid's English class yesterday. One of the sisters was sitting on a chair and broke it. It was funny. Nothing else to report. If you did not also find that funny, I'm sorry. Not sorry it wasn't a funny story, just sorry that you could not find the same joy that I vicariously lived for you. Moving on.
This morning we were cleaning the house when suddenly all the lights went out. There had been a lot of rain yesterday. You know, something that's a bit unfortunate in Korea, the hot water is controlled electronically. So I took a freezing cold shower this morning... In the dark.... That was fun ha. The other sisters went out for a moment and came back saying the elevator in the apartment was working- and as it turns out the house across the hall also had power. 
It was then that we found the breaker. It had been flipped. As soon as we flipped it back, magic! All the lights came back on! Woo hoo! A miracle! 
And I totally took a freezing cold shower in the dark for nothing. Ha. Ha.Ha. 

So what's the big deal about missionary work anyway? Why do we do this stuff? Why do we walk for countless hours, or talk to people who would rather not be talked to, or spend every ounce of energy, only to spend a little more? Why do we give of ourselves? Why do we find joy in the struggle? Why? How? Are we crazy? Are we all totally brainwashed by our parents, or leaders, or friends? Are we secretly being monetarily compensated? Do we even need to be here?
Well, my friends, the answer to all those questions and more is found in a very simple truth. 

Jesus Christ, who loves each and every one of us, died and was resurrected with us so that we could live again with our Father in Heaven.

I believe that with all my heart. I am not crazy (he. he.) I'm not wasting my time. I don't regret anything I've given, nor will I regret anything I will give in the future. I am here for a purpose. I have been blessed by the Atonement of our Savior, and I am here to help (in any small way I can) my brothers and sisters receive the same blessings. 
Friends and family, the full and complete blessings of Christs Atonement and teachings come through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the fullness of which is contained in His restored church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that. And that is the reason I am here. 
I love my Heavenly Father, I love His plan. I love my Savior, and I love His role in that plan. Even though we don't quite fully understand it all now, we will someday. I want to be standing with you all at that day, in the presence of God, white and clean. Cleansed through the Atonement of our Lord, Savior, and brother, Jesus Christ. 

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