Introducing Sister Sierra Brooksby...

Hello my beautiful Brothers and Sisters!
I am Sister Sierra Brooksby! I suppose it's that time... Time to write and introduction and tell you all about myself. To be honest, theres a lot to say about me! I suppose the thing you'd want to know though, is where I am serving and when! I will be reporting to the Provo MTC On December 30th, 2015. I will be serving in the Seoul Korea South mission. It's a very exciting call for me and I'm totally pumped to share the gospel with my Korean friends!
For more information about all my adventures, keep up on my lovely blog which will, with great hope, be weekly maintained by my gorgeous mother. So you all soon! ;) Stay strong!

Here is the address you can write a letter to me:
Sister Sierra Brooksby Mar01-Kor-seos
2005 North 900 East Unit 8 Provo Utah 84602

Mission Address: (After March)
Sister Sierra Brooksby
Korea Seoul South Mission
29 wiryeseong-daero 22-gil songpa-gu Seoul
teukbyeolsi 05655 South Korea

Monday, September 5, 2016

But I emailed... yesterday...? Sept 5th 2016

It really feels like I wrote and email just yesterday! This week went by amazingly fast! 
Today marks the last week I have with Sister Park before she heads off to the MTC! She's going to do great and I am sad to see her go. ㅠㅠ 
So! This week!

When I reviewed my journal this week I found out that I did, in fact, do things. I will endeavor to tell you what some of those things are.
On Monday we had FHE with a family in the ward. They are awesome! The epitome of the role model humble family! Their 10-year-old son is such a spiritual giant! He reminds me of Elias. He shared how when he prayed he didn't think much of it, but one day he was worried about what happens after we die, so he asked his dad who explained, and then told him that if he wanted to know for himself he needed to pray about it with faith. He said that he prayed and felt the spirit and has a great testimony of God now! Such a cool kid. 
We met some JW the other day. Nice people. Talked about... I forget. The one lady was like "Mormons!" And we were like "Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!" That's so much shorter in Korean. XD

We got an online referral the other day for a girl who lives in Osan. We got the apartment number and name, but not the area the apartment is in, and there are 5 apartments with the same name in Osan, so we got to go on an Osan tour trying to find her! Quite the fun time. Still haven't found her. 
Sister Park and I went to go eat food before English class on Wednesday and while we were eating at one point she just stared at me for a long time then I asked why and she started crying! AWwww Sister Park~ She was sad she would be leaving. She cried so much she had rivers coming out her nose and then she sniffed and it made a bubble and suddenly we were both laughing! Funny memories, for sure. Later on she was trying to learn some English expressions, of of them being "That stinks" and I was trying to give her an example so I said "If I say 'my dog died' you say that stinks" And she wrote it down, but she wrote it down as in the phrase My dog died=That stinks. So maybe if we hadn't corrected it someone would have told her something sad and she would have responded "My dog died." Hehehehehe
The guy we met last Tuesday while contacting came to our English class and brought someone with him! It was great to see someone Sister Park contacted come to class! She was able to feel really good about it as well~
Thursday night/Friday I was down all with a fever! Not fun. My companion and I were joking about how after I get over one health related obstacle another one follows right behind! I'm almost over the cold, who knows whats next? :P

We had a great experience with one of our younger investigators! We had met her a few times with not much progression, but we had shared a lot of testimonies and experiences about how we got answers to our prayers, and we had continually invited her to pray for things she needed. This week when we met something about her seemed brighter. As we started the lesson she shared that she had lost her headphones and looked for a long time to find them but couldn't, and then she remembered what we had taught her about prayer. So she said a prayer and was able to find them! She said she felt really good~ Its so great to see her become happier and light come into her life as she works to apply the things she's been learning! :D
We met with a recent convert and after, the member we met her with asked me about my family rules. I told her about how strict my parents were on me when I was little and she responded that she would really like to meet my dad and that my parents are amazing. She told me a few days later "I told my son about your family rules and then I told him 'In Korea there are not a lot of rules in families, and we have lots of rules, but we don't have as many as Sister Brooksby, so we are just in the middle, so you can be grateful for our rules and follow them.' And then suddenly our rules didn't seem so bad!" So funny XD

On saturday we planned on going sticker boarding with the Elders, but on the way they cancelled, so we went to go eat dinner, but at the place we wanted to go there was a huge festival going down! A bunch of people were everywhere! It was crazy! The street was totally blocked off, and it was hard not to lose Sister Park! We eventually made our way to the place we wanted to eat. It was packed, so we waited outside and I started talking to a sister and her family. She asked if the church was still there and if we still called it a ward. Turns out she was baptized 10+ years ago! She attended for a few years and then stopped. It was a crazy miracle that we went there and met her that day!! Really cool. God really does lead us to where we need to be, even if it means He leads us with our tummies!

We went to stake conference yesterday. It was a special stake conference where 4 stakes got combined! The Suwon and Youngdong stakes are now the Kyunggi stake, and the Anyang and Seoul South stake are combined to make... Something? Hehe not sure. Anyway, super cool meeting, a bunch of church leaders came and spoke. :) We also got to see a lot of people we haven't seen in forever! That was fun.^^ Always cool to see old faces!
I think that is all I have to report. Hey life is fun guys, don't forget~ 

Do each of you find joy in the gospel? If not, its not a problem with the gospel, I guarantee it! ;) God intended for us to find joy in every step of our journey, and that's the thing with the word 'find', its there, its just our job to see it!! How hard are you looking? And are you willing to look harder? ;) I love you all! I love this gospel! I love my Savior, brother, friend, Jesus Christ. 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Spent Half The Week On The Subway Aug 29th 2016

Heyyyy everyone! Friends! Romans! You know, all that jazz.
What's uppppp?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Life is good here on this side of the field. And true to the form of the title, I think I spent half of this week (not to mention money) on the subway! I'll let you all know why.

First off, last Monday we got together as a zone and had a water fight. It was fun. We changed our clothes after and I realized I brought everything I needed... Except a skirt.... That was slightly unfortunate! So yeah... Just wore my wet shorts... That was fun haha.

Monday night the Elders practiced the visa interview with Sister Park. She was nervous, but it was great to have her practice with them so she could try to explain and answer as best she could. 
On Tuesday we went to proselyte with the mission presidents wife! She is fairly new to the mission, and doesn't speak Korean, so it was quite the fun experience! When we arrived at Pyeongtaek station we asked her which of the 5 streets we should go down, she said #2 so we headed that way, but when she looked down #3 she said "Should we just go that way? There are more people?" And I responded "Well, sometimes its more important to go the right way than go the way with a lot of people, where do you think the Spirit wants us to go?" She thought for a moment, then we went down street #2 like we had planned! We ended up finding someone who was very interested in our English class and wanted to take 2 friends with him! It was a great miracle to meet him! Sister Turner said she really enjoyed the experience! She bought us ice cream^^

Last time we had District meeting as part of our get to know each other activity we all said our favorite Juicy (A popular juice store) flavors. This week, our DL brought us all our favorite flavors!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! It was great~~~ 
Right after DM we had to go to the dentist so Sister Park could get one of her wisdom teeth pulled. We were almost late, we ended up RUNNING to the dentists office. Twas fun. Its crazy though, in Korea they just pull it out and eat whatever after. Its like not even a big deal. Its also super cheap to pull them. Roughly $20. Craziest thing. Some members had come the dentist the same time we did, which was crazy and totally unplanned, but great! They were able to take us back to the church in their car and we didn't have to ride the subway for almost 2 hours to get back! :D :D Miracles! 

Sister Park takes her medicine and gets loopy XD XD XD Supppperrrr funny.
Thursday we went up to the Seoul mission!!!! Super fun haha. We went to the embassy so that my companion could do her visa interview. She was very nervous. She went in, and I sat outside (alone!!!!) for an hour and waited. When she got out she was beaming from ear to ear! (Or ear to almost ear, because her face was slightly swollen on one side!) She passed her interview! It helped that the interviewer, though not a member, thought very highly of our church and missionary work. :)

We went to the mission office in the Seoul mission to take care of some documents and such. Turns out the office is located in a church I visited a year and a half ago when I came to Korea with my family! It was quite the trip down memory lane! I saw a lot of places I went a year and a half ago, but with new eyes! 
Friday the Bastians (couple missionary, also related to me) came to do a house inspection and talk to us. We had a good time, then showed them the way to the Elder's house. On the way I was teaching Elder Bastian how to use the phone and how to type in Korean. He said I needed to be transferred to the area they serve in so I can help him out with more stuff! Hehe they're awesome!

We went to visit a Less Active a few nights ago. When we got to the house we saw a sign that said "There's a baby inside! Don't ring the doorbell, just knock!" So we said a prayer and then, without thinking (out of habit), I rang the doorbell. Then I looked at the sign again, at my companion and thought "Oh trip." So then I ran away hahaha. She was like "Where are you going?!?!" The only thing I was thinking was "I don't want an angry mother to come out and see two missionaries standing there, smiling, having probably just woken her sleeping child". 
Gratefully, no one came to the door. No one seemed to be home. I think its one of the few times on my mission I've been grateful we haven't met the person behind the door. Phew. God's plan really is perfect, he even covers up in advance for funny mistakes! 

Saturday we woke up early and walked to the Osan base. We met some brothers there and were escorted inside. We walked to the football field and there we played ultimate frisbee with the branch members! Sister Park and I were the only girls there :P We had fun though. I did nothing but run for an hour and a half and my legs are still killing me! 

After, we didn't have time for anything else we went straight to the other American base and did a service project called "Troops for Trash" where we walk around picking up trash on the ground. It was a lot of fun! We also met a lot of cool people! We talked to two people who were really good potential investigators for the Elders! When the Elders showed up they talked to them and got their numbers! It was great! Service really is a great way to get to know people and talk  to them!
I got a sunburn on my face haha. 
I think that's about all the news  from this week! 
I love you all and I am so happy to be here in Korea serving my mission!
I'm especially happy I'm serving. Coming out on a mission to serve really does make all the difference. Teaching is good, inviting is good, its all good. Serving though, serving is what makes me the most happy. Don't forget to serve. Even if its the little things. Doing those little things is what makes us happy. Its worth it.

A part of my email to the mission president:

"We had another great experience during our zone 전도 activity yesterday! We did Zone bingo! Sister Tuaputa and I were assigned to be companions for the activity and as soon as we started out we decided between going right or left. So, I said "Choose the right!" And off we went. We walked for a bit then I saw a lady and her friend talking outside a store, so I thought we should go up and talk to them and ask them if they'd take a selfie with us. They wouldn't take a selfie, but we ended up talking to them for 20 minutes! We found the owner of the store had lived in America for 9 months, and while there she was having a really hard time because she missed Korea. She's Buddhist, but during that hard time a neighbor invited her to church. She agreed to go. It turned out to be our church! She said when she went in and sat down and heard the music she started crying and felt so much peace and comfort. Because of that she went to church 4 times! Even though it took 2 hours to get there! So she thinks very highly of our church. It was a great experience! We told the sisters who serve in the area about her and we hope to see amazing things come of it! So cool to see how God truly does prepare people to hear the word!~"

He Called Me Old... Don't Call Me Old. Aug 21st 2016

Heyyyyyy friends, family, new faces! But you know, not really faces, because I currently cannot see your face. 
Its been another great week here in the land of the morning calm! But can I just say mornings here are never calm? Our alarm has decided to rebel this week and not go off in the mornings randomly. Its a thing. I think we fixed it though. Its a good thing our body clocks work, otherwise I would have had to do some serious repentance this entire week!

Last Monday Sister Park and I decided that, as per the norm, we would email, run errands, and then chill at home, but that didn't really work out. We ended up taking the subway to another area super far away to meet a sister who was going home. We were headed on just a normal subway when the announcement came on that the subway AC was broken so we would get off and transfer to another train at the next stop. So we got off and Sister Park walked across the platform to the other train, but I wanted to get on a rapid train, so we got off just before the doors closed and 3 minutes later a rapid train came and we were able to get to the other area on time! 
That night we had FHE with our ward mission leader and his family, along with the elders and their investigator! It was a bunch of fun. We played uno, and some other games and had yummy food. FHE is the best. True story folks.

We got to look at one of our members albums from her mission. Sister park and I looked at them and thought "Man, she takes so many fun pictures. We need to take more fun pictures." So we decided we would take a lot more fun pictures from now on. We want to have lots of fun hehe. Never underestimate the power of fun in missionary work. We need it. Otherwise we die.

Speaking of, any RM (Or current M) have any suggestions for making missionary work more fun?
During our district meeting one of the Elders asked me how long I have left in the mission. I told him a little over 11 months and he said "You're old! You're an old missionary." And I thought to myself, "No, no I'm not. Never say it, never think it. Its not a thing."

My companion was senior companion this week! She did a great job. And there were times when she did occasionally need my help, but otherwise she did awesome. One time in particular that was a great learning experience for her was when we wandered for an hour trying to find a house that you can get to in 10 minutes. I knew how to get there, but it was great to give her the map and let her work it out for herself, even if it meant our feet hurt just a little more. :) 

My companion got a call from the office this week and it appears that her visa is coming through! Its great news! We are both way happy! She has a visa interview this Thursday and if all goes well she will be headed to the MTC September 13th! Which means I am left companionless halfway through the transfer. I wonder what will happen next? XD 

So we went to go do visa stuff on the computer this week. We got most of it done then we needed a pic. Neither of us thought she would be taking a visa pic, and she was wearing a white shirt. So when we got there I gave her my brown undershirt and she took a pic wearing that then changed back. It was a lovely improv action. She still laments she didn't get to prepare to take the picture though XD 

We ate dinner with a less active family this week. We ate beef with them. Beef is ridiculously expensive in Korea, so it was a big deal. They also gave us "Beef sushi" and you know friends, I'm not one for super pink steak when it comes down to it, so eating straight up raw beef was not ever on my to do list, but it is now on my I did list. 
On Saturday we had our ward activity!!! WATER FIGHT!!! Twas a bunch of fun. I think it was the funnest ward activity I've attended as a missionary. I was thoroughly drenched and thoroughly tired, and today and yesterday we are all thoroughly sore! But it was great. 

A few of the members decided to go around putting ice down peoples shirts or pouring super cold water on them. When Sister Jin tried to do it to me I *avoided* her. She tried a few times before giving up and proclaiming (In English) that I am very "Shifty" and have a 6th sense for people trying to sneak up on me. 
Ah, I have to tell you all how the first act of watery violence began. 
It was me. Hehehehehehe.

We were all preparing the water balloons for the activity. There were some super huge balloons we filled up for a special game. One of the members' sons filled up the last one super big and laughed like a crazy guy as he carried it to the room we stored the balloons in. As he laughed, I laughed, and then took a pin and popped it right there in his hands. He was sooooooooooo SOAKED. It was great. 
Laughed forever.

Anyway, that was my week! Its supposed to cool down soon, which is great! Today we are having water games again with the missionaries in our zone! Its gonna be a blast! 
Love you all! 
Have a great week!
Stay cool ;)

Old Addresses... Mean It Was Wrecked! Aug 14th 2016

Hello everyone!
I hope you are all having a grand week! I know I am!
Well, of course I'm having a great week, it just started. That, and I'm a missionary. That's always a really great thing. Heyyy speaking of, I wanted to share a thought about missionaries. More especially about our roles as representatives of Jesus Christ. 
I felt strongly this morning the importance of our role as representatives of Christ and the great power and authority that comes from that. In the power of His name we promise people His church was restored, in the power of His name we claim the priesthood keys of salvation, in the power of His name we invite people to repent, and in His name we have the authority to preform miracles. I love it. 
Anyway! About that title, we've been visiting LA members the bishop asked us to, but the addresses are all super old and some of them are fields in the middle of nowhere. I'm really glad we decided to check the address for most of the people before we decided to wander in nowhere land forever. One of the houses we did go to was wrecked a long time ago and a completely different (kind of scary) building was put in its place! Always check beforehand, its a good idea. 

Last week we were walking to visit LAs and we got a call from the Elders, but when I said hello the person on the other end was an old man. That was a bit of a shock. Turns out the Elders dropped their phone(no idea how they didn't notice) in their apartment building and the security guy found it and called us to see if we knew the owner. 
It was quite the fiasco figuring out their address and then telling him. We told him and hung up and he called back 20 minutes later telling us it was wrong... But it was right. Then he asked me who I was and how I knew them and I told him I was American and before I could tell him how I knew them he said "Ah! Is this the phone of those two American young men? I see!" And then told me he knew how to get the phone to them. Apparently, he didn't know I was a foreigner even though we talked on the phone for 3 minutes. Success.
We had our 12 week meeting. Its a meeting halfway through the training process to help us continue to train well and give us advice and encouragement. It was really great. It was fun to be in the room with all the other missionaries who are training and hear their experiences and work with each other to make this experience better for us and our trainees!

We had DM on Wednesday. True to form the 안성 Elders were 45 minutes late, though I don't blame them, the live an hour and a half away. It was good though. Although the couple missionaries left last week so it felt so empty without the wisdom of our elder (no, not that kind of elder) missionaries.
We went to have a teaching evaluation with our STLs. Its always strange to go back to my first area. It was good. After, we ate porridge (because its the only thing I can eat right now) with all of them as a kind of farewell party! A lot of the sisters in our zone are going home next week. 
So in order to enjoy our missionary work a little more, my companion and I stand in a patch of shade (or walk through it very slowly) and then when we get to a patch of sun we run to the next patch of shade and say "We made it!" Its quite fun. It also helps us get our mind off the heat. It also attracts a lot of attention. I don't know if its a good thing or not, I think people could either think we are crazy, or maybe they could just think "Ah yes, servants of the Lord are having fun as they travel doing His work." I'd like to think positively about that.
We met two of our investigators (High school students) with some members on Saturday. The members were baptized around 2 years ago and though they are young they have a great desire to learn and do well. They always greet us so happily and love being with us. They really are amazing. Both of them have a great desire to be missionaries and I know they will do well. Its so inspiring to see their eagerness and love to learn the gospel! 
So, we were on the way back home with a member after visiting our recent convert. We got on the subway, and as we were going we realized we get on a rapid train on accident (For sure not the first or the last time that has happened. I'm blonde. Its a thing.) which was good because it went straight to the members house, but we had to cross to the other platform. So we got on the next train. 

When you get off at our home station car 4-1 lets you off right in front of the escalator. So, when we got on the train we went to the left to try and get to 4-1. We walked through two cars and when we got to the third someone said "Hello Sisters" We looked up, and there was a young Korean man standing there, smiling at us. He is in the army and arrived in Korea 5 days ago. He served in Daejon with my sister! When I told him, he was psyched! I don't know if he knew Haley well, but it was really cool to have met him on the train. He didn't know where the church was, but we were able to give him the Elders number so he could attend church. Super cool miracle. Funny story, he was with a friend and his friend was from NC! XD Crazy sauce.
We got transfer calls on Saturday. The AP said "You're transferring" and sister Park nearly had a panic attack before he told us he was joking. Then he asked us if we had any questions, so I asked "언제 죽어싶어요?" I'll let you all figure out what that means. 
Saturday was English day, which means praying in English. My companion prayed after our planning session and as soon as she finished she said "You need to teach me how to pray better!" To which I responded, "You're doing well! Don't be greedy!" 

She didn't know what greedy meant, so I spelled it out for her and told her to look it up in the dictionary. As I walked to go wash my face I heard her yell "I kill you!" 
Yesterday I wanted us to go to the Young womens class. So after 2nd hour I asked a sister where it was. She showed us the class, and opened the door, but it was dark inside. Not only that, the AC was running. All three of us were like "That was close!" Because no one would have gone into that room until next week. A miracle to save power! God really does watch out for even the little things. 
Besides that, I don't think there's much else to report. I'm having fun here, learning a lot, and doing a lot of fun stuffs. And missionary work. That's awesome. I hope you all are having a grand time! Have a good week! Don't forget to look up and be happy!  

I See Miracles More Often Than I See Pharmacies (And that's saying a lot) Aug 7th 2016

Heyyyyy everyone! Its been a tripping great, (and as you could probably tell by the title) miracle-filled week! Its also for sure that when there are a lot of miracles there are just as many trials to help remind us who's really in charge and how much we need His help! And boy, have we been getting His help!

Last Monday we went out to do something and as we left I had the feeling to ask my companion if she had the visiting teaching list. She looked confused. She had received it at church. Turns out she threw it away. So we went back inside and looked for it, we were able to find it which was great! 
We met an investigator this week who is having a hard time progressing. She likes meeting and things, but she's not been taking the action she needs in order to learn and grow. This week my companion and I both received the same inspiration for her- to teach baptisms for the dead. The lesson was great! Usually when we teach she didn't have many questions, and she didn't have much to say, but suddenly she had so many questions!!! She had such a desire to know what baptisms for the dead was and how she could do it! It was so great. Gotta keep following the Spirit!!!

We visited a sister and had a practice lesson with her. Before we met with her my companion was talking about how she wanted to eat chicken. When we met with the member, a delivery guy came to the door and lo and behold: Chicken! My little trainee was so very happy.^^

Wednesday we ate sooooooo much. We had meat with our ward mission leader, and I ate soooo much I was going to explode, then right after had a smoothie while we did our 12 week evaluation, then we ate watermelon with a LA then right after that we had dinner with another member. XD XD I was so full allllllllll day. 
During our lesson evaluation my companion was struggling to remember the things she had memorized. So I asked if we could say a quick prayer. We did. After, it was great to see her become happier as she remembered the things she learned and applied them in our teaching situation.

Thursday we were headed out to go to Zone Training when my companion was looking for our mission hymn. She looked for a long time and couldn't find it. So I suggested we pray. At first she was a little hesitant, but we prayed and she looked again. Just as she was about to give up she looked in a book she had already looked through and was able to find it. She was so amazed! She couldn't stop smiling about it and looking at me like I was an alien that fell from space and told her I would give her super powers. 

We were on the subway headed to ZT when Sister Park spilled her ice cream all over her hands. Neither of us had a tissue or anything so I asked some girls and they didn't have any, so we just decided not to worry about it when suddenly the man who was sitting down next to the girls stood up and went somewhere, then he came back and magically had tissues which he gave to us! God really does look out for us, even in little, seemingly trivial matters.
This past 3 weeks we have been doing a SYL (Speak your language) competition in the zone. Everyone sends in what % they've used the mission language this week and we see who has the highest percentage. We got placed based on individual, companionship, and district scores. Our companionship was 2nd place! As far as individuals go... Yours truly was 1st place in the zone! ;) Super great. I got a crown, necklace, pretty mug and everything.
We ate Outback Steakhouse with an investigator on Friday. It was the day we got a message from the higher ups that we were not allowed to proselyte! It was apparently 36 degrees C and the hottest its ever been in Korea. So, yeah. XD.

Just so you all know, Outback is much better (And MUCH cheaper) in America. 
We had a french toast party with the members on Saturday! Then we all cleaned the church together! It was a lot of fun. XD 
On Sunday we went to the Humphrys English branch! It was my first time going and we received a very warm welcome from the ward! We went to meet our new investigator! She's great! She's in the military working as a mechanic. 20 Years old. She's been to church twice and really loves it! We are both very excited to meet with her and teach her~

This week really has been great. I've learned a lot and gotten a lot of needed personal revelation. I don't have time to write much, but I will say that those of you who want to love the gospel more must share it! 

A Week of Learning and Relearning... Get it From Your Head to Your Heart. Aug 1st 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters, my lovely siblings in the family of God,
This week has been great! As the title says, just a week for us to learn a lot. I have to say, its been rough, but its just smoothing out the diamond! 

First off, this past Monday we had dinner with a member. The brother was telling us about his experience in the Busan mission when the mission president made them RUN if they weren't talking to people. Quite the new take on how to be diligently searching for those to teach! We ended much later than anticipated, and the members took us to the nearest subway station. My companion and I got out of the car, said goodbye, and BOOKED it into the station. In my head, even if we got in and had to wait 10 minutes for the subway to come, I would be okay with that. Turns out, we rushed in, got on the escalator and hear the doors for the subway open. So we ran down the escalator (Okay, maybe that's not very sister-missionary-like) and into the train just 3 seconds before the door closed. We realized as we were riding that the subway we got on was a rapid train and that we'd have to transfer, but true to form the blessings of God are upon on His faithful servants who want to get home on time- as soon as we got off at the transfer station the next subway we needed to take was just across the platform! So, we crossed over and were able to take that subway to the next station, get off, and RUN home. We got home 1 minute in time! We both laughed a lot! XD The Elders who had eaten with us were not quite as fortunate to get home on time (Its because they didn't run.) Sometimes, we just have to run. Though I'm really glad I wasn't a missionary in Busan at that time because the Sisters were not exempt from that rule! XD

We had a great experience with a member on Tuesday. We met our investigator with her together. After meeting the investigator our original plan was to go find a PI but through the guidance of the Spirit we changed our plan and asked the member if she had time to practice a lesson with us. After the lesson she told my companion and I how well she felt we were doing. She asked me if it had really only been 6 months since I started my mission and after I said yes she said she just always felt the Spirit so strong whenever I taught and that she felt I was a very prepared missionary. It made me feel very good! Sometimes its easy to forget what makes me special not just as a missionary, but as me. I love to hear from members and people around me that they know I was prepared by God for this time. 

We got a call a few days ago from a LA who said she wanted to meet the next day. Then she called back a few minutes later because she called the wrong sister missionaries! XD
At our District Meeting this week we had a mini party for the couple missionaries who will be leaving this week. We are all super sad to see them go, they are super awesome!

After DM we had an evaluation for Sister Park. Its a lesson in English. She did a great job but told us all (us and the 4 Elders in the district) how hard it was and she just wants to be good at English. The Elders took the opportunity to share their experiences learning Korean and relate to her. It was a fun time to just come together as a district to help her feel good about her efforts to become better at English! :)
After English class Wednesday a member showed us a magic trick with cards. She showed us once and I saw how she did it as she did it. The Elders were so confused! It was great! They begged her to tell her how she did it, but she didn't tell them. It was great. 

We had interviews with our mission president this week. After, we went on exchanges! My companion went with Sister Gil back to our area and Sister Blanchard and I worked in Singal area. It was quite a miracle- filled few days! Sister Blanchard and I went to visit a LA house and put hearts on the door. We went to get on the bus, but we couldn't figure out which bus went, and Sister Blanchard had never been there before. So we decided to go to a different bus stop, but as we headed in that direction we both got the feeling that we shouldn't go that way. So, we got on a different bus and ended up going the complete wrong direction because the address that we had was wrong. XD  So we went to see if we could meet a RC instead  (I thought maybe the reason we couldn't find the house was so we could meet with them) But the RC was busy, so we just sang a hymn to her over the phone :D
So then we went to visit a LA brother who they'd visited several times before but was never home. Today, he was home! It was a true miracle we were able to talk with him! His wife was not home, but we were able to talk to him at the door and invite him to church. 

During our exchange Sister Blanchard asked me "How do you have so much self confidence?" Among other things the biggest answer I was able to give was "Fake it till you make it."
I have many more stories and no time, so I will end by saying that that's the truth. If you don't have the strength to do it just yet, pretend like you do! Say you do! Tell the world you're a champion and that nothing will stop you! As you choose to be who you want to be the rest will follow. Don't spend so much time thinking about the consequences you never take the action. In an excerpt from my letter to the mission president:

"Recently we've been talking about how to get the principles of the Gospel from our heads to our hearts. For example, faith is a principle of action. So, if we have faith we act, and when we see the results and blessings of those actions which strengthens our faith which leads us to act. Its a circle. Likewise, if we lack the faith in a certain principle, we act on that principle first starting with hope. When we see the blessings that come, we gain faith. So as my companion and I strive to get the principles of the gospel from our heads to our hearts we are starting with action."

I love you all! Keep moving forward!

Written by Mission Pres. Wife : Sister Turner on their Blog

We do actually work once in a while as well.  This week we went to the area farthest south in the mission to work with four great missionaries.  We truly enjoy spending time with them and they say they enjoy having us around.  Of course, it always ends with an ice cream treat of some sort! The young man in the glasses knows our son, Jacob very well as he was his teacher in Vernal, Utah. Jacob sees Elder Young's grandfather at the store periodically and loves to give him updates.  I'm sure this one will bring him great joy!

Monday, July 25, 2016

And Then.... She Bit Me. July 24 2016

Hello friends, family, brothers and sisters in the lovely world of "Children of God"!
Its been another awesome week here in Pyeongtaek! In fact, its been a week of miracles. Though I cant claim that there were any more miracles than any other week, but I can say I've been working a lot harder to recognize them, which brings more blessings and happiness to this work!

Let's start off by addressing the title of this email. After we got our groceries last Monday we were carrying the bags back to the house. At the stoplight my companion was saying I needed to give her more bags to carry because I had more. She tried to take it from me and it didn't work, so in her frustration, in an effort to get me to let go, she bit me! I didn't let go, but I looked at her for a moment and there was silence, then I laughed and asked "Did you just bite me?" To which she responded something to the effect of my stubbornness driving her to it. So, yes, I was bitten by my companion. It was a bite full of love though, I'm sure. 

Last Monday I made my companion's day. We had a fun time as I had a little mini-performance and sang some Broadway songs for her. She laughed a lot and also demanded I do it weekly. So after we finish here and get groceries I will probably sing for her again. Its really fun and she says it makes her day. Don't forget everyone, its always important to laugh. XD

We were walking to a members house to have a practice lesson with her, and then we started talking with a lady and we walked and talked together, and we passed the members house, and kept walking for about 7 more minutes. Then we finally parted ways and we went to go to the member's house and I got totally lost. We wandered for around 15 minutes before we got there! XD
We got lost on another occasion, we went to visit a member and went a back way to try and get to the apartment, but it took us right past the back of the apartment and we couldn't go through! So we ended up walking another 20 minutes to get back around to where we needed to be! That was fun. Don't trust secret back roads, even if you think they will take you where you need to go.
On another occasion we were walking to the bus stop when I looked back and saw the bus we needed to take was going to pass us, so we ran like crazy people (grinning as we ran) and ended up missing the bus. So we waited for the next one, got on, and the miracle was that there was a girl on the bus we were able to talk to. She lives in the Seoul mission, so we referred her up that way, but it was a great miracle to meet her!
On Saturday we heart attacked a returning member. Her baby boy was sick this week and she was down and out as well. After we heart attacked her house we were walking and we went into a store to get some water when someone greeted us. We turned to look and lo and behold her husband was there! He was taking the baby out for a walk when he saw us and wanted to talk with us. So, we talked with him for a bit and parted ways. Super great!
Yesterday morning my companion came up to me with her skirt in her hand that she had been ironing. With a sad puppy expression she showed it to me, specifically the lovely hole she had accidentally burned in it with the iron. Poor Sister Park! XD 

On saturday
 at our ward gathering the Elders showed everyone magic. There are 9 cards, one Elder left and the observers chose a card. Then we invited the Elder that was gone back to look at the cards. His companion pointed at random cards and would ask "Is this the card?" Until when he got to the right card he would say "Yes" and guess the card right every time. All the observing members were totally bewildered! My companion as well. I played when I was little so I knew how to do it, but it was exceptionally fun to watch my companion and another ward member contemplate the trick. On Sunday as well they played again and even now they don't know the secret. The Elders and I are having too much fun with it. 
Last night we had a fireside with Mark Peterson, a professor at BYU who teaches Korean. He told great stories and talked about how to help Less actives and Inactives come back to church. Our ward sang a special musical number for him (the one we sang for ward conference) and it went very well! 

So in a nutshell, this week was great. We have two new investigators, and are working on finding some more! We are looking forward to the many miracles that await us and know that they will come. If I was to share one impression I've had this week I will share with you a thought I wrote in my planner a few days back. 
"Maybe its not always the best thing we could do, but if we choose a path God helps us along that path because He knows how even that path connects back to the one He originally planned for us." Friends and family, if you feel like you may be on the wrong path, or maybe even just not the BEST path, just trust in God. Trust in your Savior. In the eyes of God any and every path can lead back to Him, we just have to be willing to follow. There is no road too narrow, no street too far, no line too far from the reach of a loving Heavenly Father. The reason the Atonement of the Savoir is so amazing is not because it helps perfect people keep being perfect, its because it helps imperfect people become better. He is the ultimate layer of the stones in our life if we let Him. It won't be an easy path, but it will be His path, so you can trust that as you follow that path He will safely guide you home. 
I look forward to my Heavenly home, but until then, I enjoy my earthly path. I love you all, I hope you have an amazing week.


Monday, July 18, 2016

So Much to do So Little Time July 17th 2016

Welcome everyone to my email of the week! I hope you feel welcomed, because for the next however long it takes you to read this, you will be in my world.
In my world, first off I have to rewrite practically every sentence because I don't speak English very well anymore. I speak only Korean most of the time. My companion and I switch off Korean days and English days, and English days are harder for me!

So, first off we met with a less active this week and ate lunch with her. She has a dog and her dog gets really excited when new people come. Sometimes a little too excited. We sat down to eat and my poor companion's socks got a little wet and it wasn't water. The member get her new socks and everything. It was really funny. XD
We had our first 12 week evaluation last Wednesday. Its just a practice lesson where the new missionary says small memorized phrases in the language they are learning. Sister Park was so stressed, but she did well and it was good. Though our 훌융항 DL and his companion kept laughing about odd things (not about her English) during the lesson! I guess it helped to lighten the mood and not make her so tense. 

On Wednesday night we got home at around 4:30 but for some reason I thought it was 5:30. Totally threw me off, but I got to sleep a little longer than I thought so that was nice. My companion laughed at me when I realized we had more time for dinner than I thought.
On the way to Zone conferece on Thursday we took the subway. I kept thinking, "Okay we need to get off at 병점 station." So we got off. But, after getting off I realized that was not at all the right station! So, I thought we should go try and take a bus. When we got to the bus stop there were no buses going where we needed to go! So we were about to go back into the station when someone asked if we were missionaries from the church. We responded that we were and he said that he had moved there 10 years ago and that he didn't think there was a church nearby. So we gave him the Elder's # for that area and got his number so he can start coming out to church! It was a really big miracle! So maybe we weren't supposed to get off at that stop to get to a physical destination, but Heavenly Father surely guided us to a spiritual one! 

Before zone conference we were asked to read a talk from the last GC and prepare a 5 minute talk on how it relates to us as missionaries. There were 2 districts assigned to each talk and one person chosen from each talk to speak. As it turns out, I was chosen to speak XD I started by saying "I thought that maybe since I've already talked a lot this Zone Conference I wouldn't have to talk." Well, I don't actually think that's how it works, because obviously its not, but you know, its worth a shot.

At one point this week (while we were waiting for our DL who ended up being 30 minutes late to do a baptismal interview haha) my companion looked at me and asked "How are you just so happy all the time?" Well folks, I can tell you the reason is precisely because of something else my companion said to me one night. "You just think about church things all the time." And I have to say, my friends, that is why I am happy. There's nothing in life that brings be more joy than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing makes more sense to me, nothing relates better to me, nothing has as much worth to me as the very joyous news I am proclaiming to the people of Korea. Everything I do, every question I have, every path I take, it all has something to do with my Father in Heaven and my Savior. I wouldn't have it any other way.

So! Saturday we joined the RS sisters and made Korean Rice cakes! It was a bunch of fun! Also way interesting. I really like rice cakes. Most people told me it would be hard to learn how to make them, but its actually more simple than you think! 

After the RS activity we had a baptism for our investigator! It was great! All her Primary classmates sang for her. :) Super cute. She looked way happy! My previous companion also came from her home in Seoul to see the baptism. It was good to see her, and odd. Its for sure not the same when people don't have that missionary light! But she's just the same person as before haha.

We made the Han river in our house a few days ago. 
Our washer is now broken. 
It was definitely not my fault. 

So that's my week! Its been lots of fun, lots of hard stuffs, but mostly just great! Keep up life everyone! 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

And Thus.. It Begins... July 11th 2016

Hello one and all! Its a long awaited email, I'm sure.

So this past Monday we had shabu shabu with our bishop! It was a lot of fun! Super yummy!!!! I love that stuff. After that, we came home and my companion cut my hair. She chopped more that I expected, but its still long, I'll live. XD 
Tuesday we were going to send Sister Hwangs' boxes and bags, but we weren't sure how early the guy would come, so we went out at 6:45 in our pajamas and got tape from a convenience store. Woot. We actually ended up waiting a long time, so we studied, but couldn't leave till we came. So we did some other things, pushed our appointment back an hour, etc. We ended up just leaving for the appointment, and while meeting we got a call from the guy, so we finished up and had to go back home to meet him there. 
We met a member that night, and while we were sharing a message we heard this big bang/popping noise and smelled smoke! The dishwasher totally flipped out, but thankfully there was no fire. Its funny though, because they never even use the dishwasher. They called someone, but we left before we found out why it did that.
Wednesday we had transfers! We had to go early, so we woke up at 5:30. XP Life. On the way to Youngdungpo we were walking by a water spout in the ground and there were a bunch of pigeons, and since my comp is scared of birds we went another way, but just as we walked past it the water spouted and the birds all flew up and my companion freaked out and ducked almost into the fetal position. It was really funny.
We got there and no one was there yet, so we sat outside and waited. Then other sisters showed up and sister Hwang and I parted and I went with the other sisters who were training to the mission home.

 We all had interviews with the president. Usually we don't do that, but because he's new he wanted to get to know the trainers a bit more and have interviews with us so he would know who we should serve with.
We waited while everyone else had their interviews. The new missionaries came in and we met all of them. It was really interesting because we talked with them and stuff, and after 3 minutes of being with them I already knew which of the 3 sisters would be my new companion. 
After, we went and ate lunch together. I sat across from the sister who I knew would be my comp, and it was funny I had to stop myself from saying "When we get back to our area" while we were talking. 
We got some training all together, split up as trainers/trainees, got more training, came back, and then got assigned to our new companions. It was just as I felt. My new companion is Sister Park. She's 21, from Jinju. Her original mission call was to the Los Angeles, California mission, but she will be here in Korea until she gets her Visa which is taking longer than anticipated, and she hasn't been to the MTC yet. So, when I say I'm training a new missionary, I mean, NEW. It hasn't even been a full week since she was set apart! She's fun though. Working very hard on her English. We are having Sparta over here. XD 
So, we got divided into companionships and got more training. Then, after we got some stuff from the office and headed out! She doesn't have a nametag yet, so she's borrowing mine. We took her suitcases and headed home. We dropped her stuff off, then went to English class. 
Day 2 We got up and worked out. I showed her the 7 minute workout and stuff. Then we studied and headed to District meeting. This transfer our district and one next to ours got combined, so the Ansong Elders were headed to our area. Turns out, they called us and they had gone to the wrong church building! Then, come to find out after we had waited even longer, they tried to head back, but got on the bus the wrong way, and they didn't show up until 2 and a half hours after we were supposed to have District meeting! So that was an adventure! 
After, we ate dinner with the couple missionaries which was fun because they don't speak Korean and my companion hardly speaks English! XD
We had a practice lesson with a member the next day. It was really good for Sister Park to start practicing teaching. 
We met with a less active, 이유진 자매님 who moved to our ward a little over year ago, and the ward she originally attended was in Cheonan! Where Haley served! She even said she remembered Haley. That was way cool!
Yesterday was a really great day! We had 6 less actives at church, one of whom the Elders have been working with for the past 2 months who had said when they first started meeting that, in essence, he would attend our ward over his dead body. Seeing him in church with his wife and newborn baby was picturesque! It made all of us missionaries so happy!

That's about it for this week! We are going to go grocery shopping and take a nap!!!!! 

Love you all!!