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Hello my beautiful Brothers and Sisters!
I am Sister Sierra Brooksby! I suppose it's that time... Time to write and introduction and tell you all about myself. To be honest, theres a lot to say about me! I suppose the thing you'd want to know though, is where I am serving and when! I will be reporting to the Provo MTC On December 30th, 2015. I will be serving in the Seoul Korea South mission. It's a very exciting call for me and I'm totally pumped to share the gospel with my Korean friends!
For more information about all my adventures, keep up on my lovely blog which will, with great hope, be weekly maintained by my gorgeous mother. So you all soon! ;) Stay strong!

Here is the address you can write a letter to me:
Sister Sierra Brooksby Mar01-Kor-seos
2005 North 900 East Unit 8 Provo Utah 84602

Mission Address: (After March)
Sister Sierra Brooksby
Korea Seoul South Mission
29 wiryeseong-daero 22-gil songpa-gu Seoul
teukbyeolsi 05655 South Korea

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rain, rain, rain... And walking! April 25th 2016

So, as you may have guessed, it rained a lot this week!! It was a bunch of fun though. :) 
Last Monday dun dun dun dun dun I got glasses. Yep, since I came to Korea my vision went along with my ability to speak English. Heyyy its okay, now I can mostly speak Korean, and I have some fancy new glasses I acquired last week. Last monday the Elders wanted to go sticker boarding, but when we were supposed to meet it started pouring, so we called them and told them it was raining and we would not be joining them to stand in the rain and be drenched. Our half native American District leader asked if we were afraid of rain. Ha. No. 
This week we met with one of our investigators down at the building by the Humphry's air force base. It was a great lesson! It was a great miracle too, the sisters who were recently called into the nursery presidency were there cleaning the building, and it turns out the key we thought was for that building wasn't the right key, so because they were there we were able to get in. :)  
We did a lot of walking this week. We spent lots of time visiting Less Actives, or just wandering around looking for addresses that apparently no longer exist! :) Hey it was a bunch of fun though. I'll probably know this area like the back of my hand soon enough! 
Aww some unfortunate news, one of the sisters in the zone will be going home today. She needs surgery on her knee. Its actually crazy how many people especially in this mission have medical issues that they are sent home for. Even my companion and I will go to the hospital for her this week. Knees and ankles are a problem here in Korea because we walk soooooo much. 
In English class this week I had quite a new experience. In the last ward it was mostly adults, but here there are a lot of people who bring their kids to learn English, so my companion and I spent half an hour wrangling little children and trying to make learning the ABCs interesting for them XD

We visited a member a few days ago and got totally lost on the way. A nice lady helped us though. She insisted we take a taxi. Very sweet. She wanted us to wait for her nephew to come so they could give us a ride. People here are so nice! It was really funny, on the window of the taxi there was a sticker and in English it said "Man+go= Mangoes" hahahaha Totally didn't make any sense. I saw a a lot of funny shirts/sweaters this week that had English phrases on them that made no sense whatsoever, but they were wayyyy funny! 
So on Friday my companion and I both made a goal in Weekly planning that we wouldn't eat after 8pm. That day we were out until way late and didn't get to eat dinner until 8:15pm haha and then we got a call from a member who was outside our house waiting to give us food! They gave us pizza and Kimbab. So, hey, Friday goal didn't go so well, but other than that we've been doing good. :)
We had a ward potluck on Saturday for a family who is moving away. There was a bunch of people all crammed into one (big for Korea, not big for America) apartment. It was hard to move around haha. Right after that, we left a little early and had missionary correlation at the church, the WML wanted to take us over in his car, but there wasn't a girl, so we just decided to walk because it was only 10 minutes. Our DL told us to take a taxi and told us he would pay for it, we said  "See you at the church!" We didn't take a taxi. I'm still trying to decided whether or not that's considered being disobedient to a leader? Hehe.
Yesterday  my comp and I practiced our song again, then we preformed in sacrament meeting. I sang and she played "Savior Redeemer of My Soul" It was great! Everyone loved it. Though my throat has been sore the past few days, so it wasn't as good as I would have liked, but heck as long as people felt the spirit it was all we needed to do! The Brother who spoke after our musical number said "Well, Sister Brooksby surprised us last week because she speaks Korean so well, and this week she surprised us because can sing!" Everyone laughed.
I've actually been thinking a lot about talents recently. Sure, I have some talents, but what I've thought about recently about is how my talents aren't really mine. Whether it be singing, speaking, or something else, each of the talents I've been given from God are to be used the way He would have me use them. The same goes for everyone. The talents we have been given aren't given to us so that we can boast, or so that we can show off. The talents we have been given should be used to bless the lives of others, to bring joy, and to further the work of the Lord. Think about it this week, What talent do I possess, and how can I use it to do good? Just like in the parable of the talents, as we take what we've been given and use it, we can gain more. God will bless you as you share what you have been given with others!
I also invite all of you to read the talk by Elder Ballard titled "Following up". Next week I'll be following up on how well you've read and applied it! ;) I'd love to hear stories from you if you have any!!

Another thing my companion and I have been thinking about this week is gratitude. So, when you have time (Because you will) I also encourage you to read President Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude. I can't recall the title exactly just now, but its also great! Life is so much happier and fulfilling when you can express gratitude for the things you've been given, I promise there's a lot! Not only that, but remember to always live in a spirit of gratitude. Live to see and appreciate the things around you!!!! :) 

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