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Hello my beautiful Brothers and Sisters!
I am Sister Sierra Brooksby! I suppose it's that time... Time to write and introduction and tell you all about myself. To be honest, theres a lot to say about me! I suppose the thing you'd want to know though, is where I am serving and when! I will be reporting to the Provo MTC On December 30th, 2015. I will be serving in the Seoul Korea South mission. It's a very exciting call for me and I'm totally pumped to share the gospel with my Korean friends!
For more information about all my adventures, keep up on my lovely blog which will, with great hope, be weekly maintained by my gorgeous mother. So you all soon! ;) Stay strong!

Here is the address you can write a letter to me:
Sister Sierra Brooksby Mar01-Kor-seos
2005 North 900 East Unit 8 Provo Utah 84602

Mission Address: (After March)
Sister Sierra Brooksby
Korea Seoul South Mission
29 wiryeseong-daero 22-gil songpa-gu Seoul
teukbyeolsi 05655 South Korea

Monday, March 28, 2016

One of those weeks you don't really have a title for.

Right! So!
Family, friends, others. (Hehe there are no others, that's a joke.)

This week was great!
I don't remember anything!

Well, I do remember a few things.

So we met with one of our investigators this week, her name is Sister 부 she attends a church next to ours, but comes to English class weekly and is now doing the 30:30 English program with us. She was an investigator in the past as well, but never really progressed because she didn't accept new things and she always said she was "Afraid to lose her faith" so they ended up dropping her. She's super nice though. She always brings us bread haha. Anyway, these past two times we have met her she's been progressing a whole bunch! She used to not even look at the Book of Mormon, but now she's opened up so much! She even accepts commitments to read certain parts of the Book of Mormon on her own (as long as we copy the part she's supposed to read. She doesn't mind the Book of Mormon, but she won't accept a copy just yet.) We taught the Plan of Salvation last week and she asked a lot of questions and opened up a lot. Its been such a miracle! 

In other news, on Thursday we went and played badminton with on of the Elder's investigator and her club. Well. Sister Bae and I kind of just watched and talked to people while everyone else played. We played a bit. We met a woman who also plays there- she might be interested in meeting us, we just need to work on building a relationship with her first. She's really adorable though- her English name is Annie. Looks like from now on I'll get very good at badminton. Who knew?

We visited a member a few days ago, but she was late for our appointment so we went and checked out a traveling food market by her house, that was cool.

So in Korea there area  lot of meat shops and stuff- and its funny because you are just walking down the street and look into one and two whole pigs are just kind of chilling, hanging from the ceiling half-carved. Its cool. Kind of random. Slightly surprising sometimes.

Speaking of, my companion is scared really easily. She always gets surprised at the smallest stuff. Its really funny. She always asks me "How come you're not ever scared?"

We had Zone conference this week and learned all about being positive, especially about other missionaries. I just learned again the importance of out words and thoughts and how they influence others. Our words carry a lot of weight everyone, lets be careful how we use them. We are all God's children, and just as a father doesn't want his children to speak badly of each other, Heavenly Father expects the same of us. Let's do our best to please him, and to show our love!

That's it for now!!

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