Introducing Sister Sierra Brooksby...

Hello my beautiful Brothers and Sisters!
I am Sister Sierra Brooksby! I suppose it's that time... Time to write and introduction and tell you all about myself. To be honest, theres a lot to say about me! I suppose the thing you'd want to know though, is where I am serving and when! I will be reporting to the Provo MTC On December 30th, 2015. I will be serving in the Seoul Korea South mission. It's a very exciting call for me and I'm totally pumped to share the gospel with my Korean friends!
For more information about all my adventures, keep up on my lovely blog which will, with great hope, be weekly maintained by my gorgeous mother. So you all soon! ;) Stay strong!

Here is the address you can write a letter to me:
Sister Sierra Brooksby Mar01-Kor-seos
2005 North 900 East Unit 8 Provo Utah 84602

Mission Address: (After March)
Sister Sierra Brooksby
Korea Seoul South Mission
29 wiryeseong-daero 22-gil songpa-gu Seoul
teukbyeolsi 05655 South Korea

Sunday, April 2, 2017


Hello everyone!
My companion was guessing my first name this week. She said "I don't know, but you look like a Renee." 
Funny how that works.
For those of you who don't understand why that is totally CRAZY for her to say, my middle name just so happens to be Renee. Maybe I should just go by that now? XD
Anyway!!! Week 2 training! I think the weeks will just get better as we go on. My companion and I get along pretty well! She loves to talk, and I get to hear about what New Zeland is like, so its really cool! We are also having lots of fun giving out copies of the Book of Mormon together! She has a lot of faith, I think its really making the work move along! Also, almost everyone I have gotten a number from this week for some odd reason is a preacher or teacher for some other church. Crazy sauce. XD 
Oh yeah, the pics. We went bowling with some people in our zone last pday. Twas fun. :) I won the first round, then just did okay the second. XD Man I wish I was consistent hehehe. We also played pool. The funniest moment was when Elder Dalley hit the ball- a perfectly open shot mind you- and the ball bounced out of the hole. It was so funny I was on the floor laughing for like a minute. 
My comp and I have made a new game. If we see a church we say the vocab word we are learning for the day and whoever says it first gets a point. There are enough churches here to get 20+ points in one day. That tells you a lot about Korea. LOTS of churches. (Not our church churches)
As I review the week I realize, we study a lot. XD
We also went on exchanges! Sister Pari's first ever exchange! She was in Buchun with my old companion, Sister Pak Yelim. :)
The other sister and I had a fun time speed walking from missionary correlation meeting to our member appointment for 20 minutes! I was so tired!! 
The rest of the week I don't remember because it was forever ago and I didn't even finish this email last week! XD

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